S.C SCUDIVER TOOLS S.R.L. is a Romanian private company successor of the traditional tool maker's shop of the former 23 August Works at present FAUR, having as activity object the manufacturing and marketing of tools and of different parts for the machine building industry, wood industry, construction materials industry and others.

Keeping the tradition of many years of the former FAUR tool material's shop established in 1960, the company S.C. SCUDIVER TOOLS S.R.L, by its whole endowment and the qualified personnel ensures the fullsatisfaction of our customers by the competitive prices and the flexible payment conditions.

S.C.SCUDIVER TOOLS developed and diversified its services on the Romanian market, performing qualified and professional services also in the field of welded constructions, upgrading, repairing of machine tools and heavy treatment equipments.

Hoping that the tradition in tools manufacturing in Romania got a new development trough S.C. SCUDIVER TOOLS S.R.L., we invite you dear customers not to hesitate to consult us and to be convinced.