1. Tipped plates tools.
    Special tools for combined with tipped plates and mechanical fastening and brazed according to the customer specifications.
  2. Special tools used for boring operations.
  3. Special tools for made of HSS according to the customer specifications.
  4. Positioning devices "CUPS"
  5. Klingelnberg cutters High precessions cutters and gear cutters with (module) sizes 1,5 - 20 mm.
  6. Different profiling disk type milling cutters with sizes from 80 - 350 mm.
  7. Special cutters made upon the customer specifications, for cutting operations in the wood and paper industry.
  8. Special tools made upon the customer specifications.
  9. Manual tap borers and machine tap borers metric system all sizes
  10. External gauges and boring templates smooth and threaded
  11. Different dies and devices according to the customer's specifications
  12. Tap borers and the chasers Briggs, Witworth, KM, UNC, UNF
  13. Special dies for vulcanization
  14. Special box (rack shaped cutters)
  15. Special holder used in the recycling industry
  16. Extruder bushing
  17. Special tools made upon the customer's specifications prepared to be delivered.
The representative products SCUDIVER marks are:
  1. Tools in the threading domain:
  2. In the bare domain:
  3. In the milling domain :
  4. Tooting tools :
  5. Broaching tools :
  6. Boring, turning, reaming and control devices.
  7. Gears, gear wheels, coupling elements and movement transmission as well as spare parts in the field of the machine building.
  8. Heat treatments in salt bath for high speed steel tools NEW !!!
  9. Upgrading and repairing activities of machine tools and equipments NEW !!!
  10. Small and medium metal constructions. NEW !!!